Thursday, 31 May 2012

Eco School

At the end of 2011 a file was put together by the Eco Committee of all our efforts in 2011 and was handed in to WESSA at the end of the year.
WESSA awarded Kommetjie Primary a silver medal, meaning we skipped bronze, got silver and can get our green flag if we work hard in 2012!!! An amazing effort for 4 months work!
Eco Committee
Apart from the few Grade 7s who left the school, the committee has remained the same as in 2011. New members will be appointed later in 2012. Badges were handed out to the Eco Committee members in assembly in January.
Kommetjie Primary Energy Audit
The Eco Committee have been carrying out an energy audit of the school over the last few weeks in April and May, under the guidance of Megan Euston-Brown. They identified all the lights, appliances, pumps etc around the school, noted the wattages, interviewed staff and will look at where the school can save electricity. Megan will be presenting the results to the school and possible areas where we can save.
Recycling Bins
The recycling bins that were put into each classroom in 2011 for paper have been a bright and colourful success.
Plastic bins have also been installed in the passages and the Eco Committee have been learning about the grading of plastic and will be passing their knowledge onto all the classes.
Recycling bins have also been donated to Marine Primary and Imhoff Waldorf as part of our ongoing projects with these schools.
We have applied to Collect-a-Can to become a collection point and we will be getting bins for the recycling of tins soon.
New Recycling Depot
The containers are being moved to the front car park where they will become part of the new Recycling Depot! Once this has happened, please support and bring all your recycling to school to help preserve the Kommetjie environment and raise funds for the school!
As you have probably noticed, the City of Cape Town restored Skilpadsvlei to its original state. This vlei was previously a Leopard Toad breeding area, but was filled in many years ago. It is hoped that Leopard Toads will now come back to Kommetjie. This year Kommetjie Primary also wants to restore the wetland at the bottom of the fields back to its original state. This was identified by the City as an original wetland.
World Wetland Week
World Wetlands Week was observed with the Eco Committee filling up the display board with information and a talk by Kate Snaddon, a wetland specialist, was organized for the whole school.
One Person One Spekboom
On the 5th May, Marine Primary, Imhoff Waldorf and Kommetjie Primary all got together at Kommetjie Primary to promote the planting of Spekboom which is a good carbon sequestrator. This forms part of the initiative.
“350.Org is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. 350ppm of CO2 is what they are aiming for. Presently it is over 390ppm.”
Bokramspruit River
The other big joint project with Imhoff Waldorf and Marine Primary is the Bokramspruit River that runs from the mountains above Ocean View, through Ocean View, where it is canalized, then through Kommetjie and comes out on Main Beach.
The first Eco Committee outing of 2012 was to a section that runs through Kommetjie and to the mouth of the Bokramspruit where the committee divided up into groups and each did a report on their section, monitoring the state of the river. Plant and moss samples were taken and identified by Douglas Euston-Brown.
We ordered water sampling kits from Sharenet and the Eco Committee examined samples of the water at different places in our section of the river.
A river cleanup is being organised for the 19th May together with Marine Primary and Imhoff Waldorf Schools. This will be the section between Ocean View and Wireless Road.
A hike and picnic to the source of the Bokramspruit River in the mountains behind Ocean View is being planned for Saturday 16th June, for anyone interested.
The three schools will also be contacting the City of Cape Town about improving their annual river cleanup, to allow improved flow of water in the river, which is carried out without much thought about the river environment.
Earth Hour
Earth Hour took place in the school holidays on Saturday 31 March 2012. We hope everyone remembered to turn off all your lights between 20h30 and 21h30. Find out more at:
AfriOcean Warriors
Kommetjie Primary has joined the AfriOcean Warriors!
We will be known as the Otter Warriors and are part of the really fast growing African Tribe.
The AfriOcean Warriors are part of the Afriocean Conservation Alliance (AOCA) and are giving our children a wonderful opportunity to be part of a three year programme funded by the lottery.
Four facilitators come to the school every Friday afternoon between 13h00 and 14h00 and the children are involved in survivor challenges, games, learning and a whole lot of fun to do with the environment. The focus is on awareness and protection of our oceans as well as other environmental issues. Twenty three children have joined so far and more are welcome!
To find out more about AfriOceans check out some sites: